Summarið varar ikki alt árið longur (Summer does not last all year any more) is a independent sequel to The Girl in the World, Ottarsdóttir’s debut novel from 2020. The story takes place in Tórshavn in the 1970’s. The pensive “girl in the world” is now sixteen years old, goes to grammar school and is on the brink of adulthood. But she does not feel safe at home with her parents and she has a secret, that no one can find out.

Summer does not last all year any more is set in the small society of Tórshavn in the 1970’s where keeping up appearances is the most important of all. This makes it impossible for the girl to share her pregnancy with anyone until there is no way back. A coming of age story that deals with shame, abortion, a dysfunctional mother and secrecy.

Published by Asfalt, 2023.
301 pages.

Rights sold to Denmark (Jensen & Dalgaard).