43 bagatellir (43 Bagatelles) is a collection of short stories, each of them excactly 300 words + a 1 word title – all in all 12,943 words – which according to the book’s table of contents (maybe) deal with a variety of themes like a bathtub, a watch, a balcony, a window, a shopkeeper, automatic gears, a boarding pass, a letter, children’s games, camel wool, pizza, sweat, a breakfast table, worms, a floor, a present, an icecream, sailors, a nurse, dusk, mermaids and a lot of other things.

Faroese original published by Torgard, 2018. 84 pages

Published in Denmark as 43 bagateller (Torgard, 2018). Translated by Hugin Eide.

Published in Iceland as 43 smámunir (Dimma, 2021). Translated by Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson.